Leading with Deliberate Creative Thinking

Boosting team performance by thinking about thinking

Henry Ford said “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few engage in it”. The problem is we are asked to think, but aren’t given the tools and training to do it well. Today’s world demands fast, effective, focused, creative thinking.

Deliberate Creative Thinking

New thinking is needed to address issues faced by organisations today and in the future, and that means creative thinking. Deliberate Creative Thinking is a proven practical approach that leads to innovation and helps you achieve success – however you define it. 

Deliberate Thinking is thinking about thinking. Choosing the most useful thinking approach and applying it in a deliberate manner. Deliberate Creative Thinking is a disciplined approach to shifting perceptions to open up new possibilities, alternatives and ideas. If you can see something you’ve never seen before, or see something in a way never before seen – just imagine the possibilities!

Deliberate Creative Thinking focuses creative effort, provides tools to develop and enlist the creative genius of your people and facilitates creativity on demand. The methods are simple and logical, but require disciplined when being used. A major advantage of Deliberate Creative Thinking is the methods can be learned and used by anyone. 

These concepts are explored in the upcoming Creative Leadership programs, designed to focus on how to make creativity and innovation happen. http://www.leadershipvictoria.org/programs/creative-leadership-series

Theodore Levitt said “the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”.  This has never been truer. The challenge for leaders is to provide their people with the wherewithal to explore and develop potential opportunities faster and with greater success.

What will you do today to prepare to meet the challenges that are coming?