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Henry Ford said “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few engage in it”.  The problem is most people are asked to think creatively, but aren’t given the tools and training to do it well.  And in today’s pressurized world the demand for fast, effective, focused, creative thinking has never been more important.

At Mindwerx (encompassing the Buzan Centre), I design and deliver a range of professional development programs specially tailored to the needs of the organisation and participants I’m working with.  The aim is to ensure they have the thinking tools and skills they need to succeed.




Inspiring Creativity and Innovation

Since 1998 Mindwerx’ focus has been on Deliberate Creativity & Innovation. Right from the start the goal of our training and group coaching has been to support organizational change by giving people at every level practical skills to think more openly and creatively. 

Over the years we have of course expanded our reach, introduced exciting new material, and developed new ways of presenting it to you.  I’m proud to say Mindwerx programs are still considered to be some of the best available, particularly our blended programs.

The skill of Deliberate Creative Thinking is one that enables people at every level to see things in new ways – the essence of creativity and the starting point for innovation.  While every Mindwerx program is tailored to your needs, our core programs remain popular, simply because they offer so much value.  Programs detailed on include:

  • Making Innovation Happen - Innovation is led from the top, but happens at the front line
  • Critical & Creative Thinking - Creative Problem Solving for frontline innovation
  • Empowering Creativity in Teams - The Power of Parallel Thinking
  • Serious Creativity - Ideas on demand with Edward de Bono's Thinking Tools
  • Mapping Future Strategy - Mind Mapping to plan and achieve your goals
  • Managing Information Overload - Accelerated Learning techniques to claim your life back

See details on  I also do some Executive and Specialist Coaching in these areas, so please contact me if you’d like to discuss a one-to-one or one-to-group coaching plan.

Email me anytime: or call me: +61 (0)419 645 299 

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia:  GPO Box 2606, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001 Australia

“The whole day came together well.  The computer generation was a bonus.  Your use of PowerPoint material adds to the absolute professional approach Bill takes in putting a program together.”
….. Peter Wells, Quality Manager

"I felt it was the key I had been looking for to unlock unlimited potential and I can see
many uses to put it to.  Can't wait!" 
…   Brian Varney, GSO




From Creative Possibilities to Innovative Solutions

During 2014-15 I was part of the team at Leadership Victoria on a part time basis to offer public and in-house programs on creativity and innovation with a strongly defined cross-sectoral community leadership focus.  Leadership Victoria is a social enterprise NFP, that started life in 1990 with the Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP) and now, vastly expanded, it remains focused on its mission ‘Exceptional Leadership. Thriving organizations. Positive Social Impact’.

My involvement with Leadership Victoria started in 1990 when I was a participant in the first year-long WCLP, and today we have about 1200 alumni in leadership roles in every part of the community. So it was with delight that I was able to offer a range of Creative Leadership Programs and Leading Innovation programs in partnership with Leadership Victoria.

I've no long an official member of the team, but continue to support LV as an Associate bringing my Mindwerx programs and services to their audience.  So if I can assist you with anything in the Leadership area, please email me on

Leadership with Bill Jarrard