Critical & Creative Thinking

In my experience the easiest and fastest way to create change is to change behaviour. Simply asking people to be creative, to innovate more, or to change, no matter how inspiring a leader you are, is never enough to create a lasting outcome. 

I've worked with hundreds of teams and thousands of people, in every type of organization, and I've found critical and creative thinking systems, tools and techniques are the fastest way to change behaviour. The introduction of critical and creative thinking techniques gives people the wherewithal to achieve real innovation and embrace change, from the boardroom to the frontline.

In this page, I'll share some of the many different thinking techniques and tools I use in team facilitations, and teach in my group coaching and training sessions. They are allproven to work and every one of them is useful for individual and team thinking - give them a try.

To learn more about how I can work with you to skill your people in these techniques, or use them to facilitate your next strategic thinking workshop email me anytime: or call me: +61 (0)419 645 299

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Creative problem solving

Creative problem solving