Insights to Action - Presentations with a Difference

Bill Jarrard

Short, sharp and focused bite sized presentations have proven to be a valuable learning experience for people at every level, whether they be a series of 45 minute Lunch & Learn sessions with large staff groups, a 30 minute Targeted Keynote to fit the theme of your conference, a 60-90 minute Scene Setter or Skills Development session for your next management or planning retreat, or a powerful 10 minute Executive Briefing to your Board or Leadership team.

The aim of my ‘Insights to Action’ Presentations is to succinctly impart a unique piece of knowledge or skill, and spark an enthusiasm to take action – potentially to learn more, but more often it is to make an immediate change back at work.

Like all my workshops and facilitations, these ‘presentations with a difference’ are delivered in an enthusiastic, interactive, and participant focused way to ensure your people are engaged throughout. And because I tailor each talk to your specific needs, they are appropriate for all your people, from the frontline to the board room. 

Insights to Action to meet your immediate and long-term needs

Where are you heading strategically? What does your executive team need to help inspire people to realise your vision? What do your leaders want to help them guide their teams to even greater success? And what would help your people deliver even better results, faster and with awesome effectiveness and customer focus?

Whatever it is, Mindwerx Insights to Action short presentations will deliver, because we design them to what you need, and present them when you want them. So if you are looking for something for your next management conference, or want to run a series of ‘lunch & learn’ sessions, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen for you. 

Just some of the unique presentations we’ve done so far include:

Insights to Action with Bill Jarrard 2
  • Deliberate Creative Thinking: Creative new ideas on demand
  • Imagineering Your Organisation: Engineering your desired future
  • Mapping Your Business Strategy: High speed strategic thinking
  • Leading with Multiple Intelligences: Unleashing your inner genius
  • Innovation is Simple, But Not Easy: Creating a culture of innovation
  • Critical & Creative Thinking: Thinking about Thinking to get results
  • The Power of Parallel Thinking: Collaboration at its best for fast results
  • Managing Information Overload: Stop the spinning, make every day count
  • Embracing Change: Feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Present Yourself: Presentation techniques and tips to stand out from the crowd
  • Building High Performance Work Teams: Focus and collaboration to get results


On most occasions I will personally facilitate these presentations usually in my role as founder of Mindwerx International. However, I also have a growing list of colleagues who are thought leaders in their own right, so if you have a topic you’d like to look at, let me know and I’ll find the right presenter for your team. 

Email me anytime –  or call me direct on +61 (0)419 645 299

GPO Box 2606, Melbourne, Victoria 3001 Australia

"Really started the creative juices flowing – good kick start." …  Catherine Poole, Shell

"I came back DARING to dream!" … Boon Yong, Young Entrepreneurs Organisation - Malaysia

"Your (90 minute) session was fantastic and received much positive feedback from attendees.  Many of the ideation sessions (done over the next 3 days) used the structured thinking which led to better outcomes.  In hindsight, it would have been better to have had you there for the full day, to ensure the ideation sessions were on track – but I’ll know this for next time.  I’ve provided your card and a personal recommendation to our Head of HR, as we certainly enjoyed the session."  ... Maree Mamo, Head of Customer Experience, AFL - Australia's Game