What outcomes do you want to achieve
– personally and in your organization?

In business these often involve achieving your vision, delivering on your mission,  successfully implementing new strategies, creating innovative designs, developing new products, delivering great customer experiences, expanding markets, increasing financial success, building staff loyalty, having a positive social impact, and contributing to community.

Personal outcomes are usually related to financial security, family harmony and health, getting a good education, building a successful career, and all sorts of personal development. 

Whatever the outcomes you seek, throughout your life, and for your organization, achieving them involves Imagineering.  That is Imagining your desired future, and then engineering it into reality.  We all do it in some way, to one degree or another – I’ve done it for as long as I can remember.

And for the last 30 years I’ve had the great fortune to be in the business of Imagineering, helping people and organizations visualize what they want to achieve, and then facilitating the process of making it happen. 


Welcome my personal website. I have created this site in part as a portal to the variety of endeavours I find myself involved with. Over the last 30 years I have recreated myself several times, and now find it challenging to define in simple terms who I am and what I do.  I hope this site helps do that.

In addition, as I am now into the 7th decade of life, I have more I want to explore and do, so I want this space to help allow that to happen.  But for now here is a little about me..

  • Father, dad, son, brother, husband, uncle, nephew, cousin… to a wonderful expanded family
  • Writer, author, poet, artist, story teller… with a couple of completed books, and a few on the way
  • Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI)... 2006 Swinburne University
  • University Lecturer, Creativity & Innovation... Australia, Israel, Hong Kong, USA
  • Master trainer in Deliberate Creative Thinking… in a variety of critical thinking systems
  • Mentor and Subject Matter Expert... providing confidential executive mentoring and coaching
  • Corporate leader, entrepreneur, small business owner… having started several businesses
  • Professional speaker, group coach, facilitator, lecturer... working with organizations in more that 10 countries
  • Fellow, Williamson Community Leadership Program (1990)... Leadership Victoria alumni

Today my focus is on working with people and organizations of all types to help them achieve their goals.  I do this by providing Insights, Tools and Services in my roles as…

Email me anytime: or call me: +61 (0)419 645 299

GPO Box 2606, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001 Australia

To learn more about my role in each of the organizations above, click on the links provided. 

"As an educator, speaker and facilitator, Bill Jarrard does not lecture or teach - he shares, by creating and maintaining a challenging and stimulating environment for learning."   ..... Johan Kruithof, author of 'Quality Thinking, Thinking Quality' and 'The Quality Standards Handbook'.

"I absolutely loved it.  It's wonderful to see someone who loves their area of work - it's very inspiring!"  …..Kylie Sykes, Economist

“I think last week was the beginning of something great for the company. It demonstrated the power and potential of the deliberative creative thinking techniques not only in relation to our divisional functional area but to other divisions. I see their application being of even greater benefit in exploring new products and services, and growing revenues."  …Tony Fedorowicz, Supply Chain Manager

“Bill is an outstanding professional and a wonderful human being!  At ISEMI we have had numerous creativity lecturers over the years.  Bill and his colleagues are clearly superior to everybody I have worked with, from both a professional as well as a personal point of view.  I wholeheartedly recommend Bill to any organization that seeks to improve its performance through creativity and innovation.”
…  Prof Liora Katzenstein, Founder & President, ISEMI, Israel

“Bill is a vision fuelled, inspired and inspiring gentleman! From our first meeting, which went from getting to know you to opening the first Buzan Centre in Australia in an hour all the way to creating and supporting a global network of people helping people to make the most of themselves – Bill is the vision to action person. He is caring, talented, humorous and an all-round good fellow.”
… Vanda North, Founder & CEO, Buzan Centres Ltd (UK)

Some of the organizations I've worked with in the last couple of years include...

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Email me anytime: or call me: +61 (0)419 645 299

GPO Box 2606, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001 Australia