Six Thinking Hats

Parallel thinking for teamwork

Edward de Bono is a leader in critical and creative thinking, and his Six Thinking Hats is powerful tool for teamwork, collaboration, and creative exploration using Parallel Thinking. 

Let’s look quickly at the Six Thinking Hats..

  • Blue Hat – like the sky it hovers above the thinking to manage the thinking process, set the focus, order the use of the other hats, defines next steps and more.
  • White Hat – takes the neutral (think white flag) angle to draw out information available and needed, facts and data relevant to the situation – without judgement or emotion.
  • Red Hat – think of fire and emotion, the opposite of white hat, here we explore feelings, gut reactions, emotions involved, intuition – our own and those of others.
  • Yellow Hat – bright sunny uplifting, this hat allows us to analyse positive aspects, what is working, what is of value, what benefits and opportunities might result?
  • Black Hat – dark gloomy, the downside of a situation, analyses what might go wrong, what is not working, what needs to be better, what risks are there?
  • Green Hat – growth, alive, fun, allows time for creative idea generation, opens up possibilities and looks for alternatives - the objective is lots of new ideas.

When the Six Thinking Hats are effectively used in your individual or team thinking, you will find that you get better results, more creative ideas, faster than normal and all done in a spirit of productive collaboration.

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And if you want to know a lot more about using the Six Hats, you can get the book and do our Mindwerx online program on Parallel Thinking and Six Thinking Hats and download this poster to keep the Six Thinking Hats top of mind at you next meeting.