The QWERTY Mentality

Have you ever wondered why people you work with resist change, particularly any sort of unique or innovative change?  Well it may come down to what we call the QWERTY Mentality

Bill Jarrard Think QWERTY

This comparison of how many people think, to the common QWERTY Keyboard used on most computers today, helps explain why people so often resist creativity and innovation. 

The QWERTY keyboard got its name from the alignment of the letters Q W E R T Y near the top left of almost every typewriter or computer keyboard in use today, and is even on many mobile devices – chances are high the keyboard on your computer is one, have a look.

In this article I look at why some people cannot get past set standards, assumptions, beliefs and ways of doing that, and how it can blind them to finding new creative and innovative ways of doing things.  Change is hard but inevitable, so learning to think creatively and embracing change is vital for success.

Download the full article now.  And once you've read it and decided you'd like to embrace change a bit more I recommend Tony Buzan's book - Embracing Change

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